Studio Update - 9/19

Monday, September 19, 2022 | Update

It was so great to see my students return to lessons last week. I'm hoping you are starting to get into the rhythm of the school year. Take a look at the following updates that I hope sets up your student up for a year a growth and fun! 

Practice Cards return!

For those who were with me pre-pandemic, each week I sent home practice cards to remind student what they should be practicing. I'm reinstating this and hoping this tangible reminder alleviates any struggles ;) I mentioned to a few students/parents who asked, but let me know if you need a recommendation about how frequent/long your child should be practicing. Time with their instrument in between lesson is valuable (and often noticeable). 

Core Jam Tunes

I have created a list of core tunes that I have attached to this email. These tunes will be a foundation for tunes to play during studio jams and community performances. I am encouraging students to review the tunes that they have previously learned. For any in the Early Riser or Jump Starters cohort, I will be teaching these simple harmonies over the next few weeks and will send home notation that they can practice. 

Group Week and Cohorts 

I am implementing Group Cohorts this year in order to build community and create more focused content during group classes. Classes during group weeks will typically be scheduled by groups.

The first Group Week of the year will be held during the week of October 10-14. I am finalizing venue and times for the classes and will announce by next week. As a reminder, there will be no individual lessons. I may however have time available for Zoom Open Office hours for drop-in style virtual lessons.  

That's all for this week. Stay tuned for further detail about Group Weeks and Community Performances (which I'm really excited about) next week. As always, feel free to pass along any questions or concerns.