From the Top - First Week of Lessons

Monday, September 13, 2021 | Announcement

Greetings to all,

I am excited to welcome you and your student back to the studio this week. As we begin the first week of lessons, I want to pass along important notes to keep in mind throughout the year. I plan to send regular studio updates, particularly when there is a forthcoming "Group Week" with open sign-ups. 

Lesson and Health Protocols

We will continue with outdoor lessons for the time being. For comfort and instrument playability, my threshold for outdoor lessons is that temperatures are above 62F with light rain and wind. If the forecast for the week shows temps below that range or likely heavy rain or wind, we will move indoors into the studio. I will send out an email to notify. If you would rather convert to a Zoom lesson, please let me know. I have added Zoom links to lesson reminders if necessary. I have attached my updated Health and Safety Plan for your review as well as my Lesson Protocol which will help lessons run smoothly. 

Group Week and Make-Ups: 

This week is a blended group week + lesson week. Group classes via Zoom are scheduled on the studio calendar. This week, each session will be have the same content so sign-up for whichever session works for your schedule. There will be a teaching circle so students should come with a piece to share. Please sign up for the available slots if you haven’t already.   

Please find the attached calendar which lists a schedule of the designated Group Week. Remember, there are no regular individual lessons during this week. However, Group Weeks can serve as times where you can schedule make-up lessons. Families/students are asked to reach out to me to schedule any make-up lessons. 

Lesson Drop Form:

Please take advantage of this opportunity for for feedback. During individual lessons, I will suggest to students an tune excerpt, scale, etude that they can submit as a Lesson Drop. I would suggest submitting 3-4 days after lesson for a mid-week review. I will submit comments either by email or video. 

Student Emails:

If your student happens to have an email they/you are willing to share, you can add their email address to their account to receive lesson reminders, notes and group week announcement. I will not put them on any other distribution list other than for these announcements.

As always, let me know if you have any questions. I am looking forward to a great year of working with your student!



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