Lesson Pricing


There is an annual registration fee of $75 which covers FiddleQuest student subscription (regularly $150), venue rentals for events, teaching supplies and initial administrative costs. Monthly payment is due by the 1st lesson of each month. Please read the studio policy regarding payment and attendance. Sibling and referral discounts and financial assistance are available. Please ask about these. 

Primary Plan


(monthly payment

Monthly private lessons
30 total

25-min lessons

40-min lessons

$1300 ($130/mo)

$2000 ($200/mo)

Group Classes
4 weeks of exclusively group classes (no private lessons). Additional group activities scheduled each month.

  • In-person or Zoom group class
  • Students will be grouped into cohorts based on age and level
  • Teaching Circle - Opportunity for personal feedback during each class

Lesson Drop
feedback of submitted video/audio recording


web-based curriculum and tune learning

Subscription included

Download and review the complete policy documents here: 



Payment retains the student’s time slot each month. Monthly payment amount is the same each month regardless of the number of lesson per month. Cash, check, or web-payment (via ACH withdrawal, or credit card) are acceptable forms of payment. Payment is due by the 1st lesson of the month.

NO REFUND POLICY: No refunds will be issued for any missed lessons or make-up credits. At the time the annual Studio Calendar is distributed, it is ideal to make note of any conflict and make arrangements to reschedule those lessons up front. That way make-up lessons can be saved for any unforeseen conflicts.


Consistent attendance is crucial for progress but occasional absences are understandable. I ask for a minimum of 24 hour notice if a student cannot make a lesson in order to be given a make-up credit. A maximum of two (2) make-up credits will be issued to each student per year and can be used during one of the Catch-Up weeks or as arranged between the client and teacher. Refer to complete Policy for details about cancellation, make-up credits and rescheduling.

Clients are required to set-up an account to access the official studio calendar through MyMusicStaff or visiting . The online calendar will be the official scheduling calendar and the best place to check your lesson times. Reminders will also be sent via email and can be enabled for text messages through the account. You can also check invoices, make payment and subscribe to calendars through the website. 


Group classes are an integral part of learning to play music together. No private lessons will be given during Group Week unless specifically announced. Classes schedules during each group week will be announce 2 weeks before each group week. Classes are schedule to maximize student participation.


Jams sessions are casual events for the students to come together and share songs. It is a fun way to learn how to play with others, sharpen the musician’s ear, and learn new tunes. Jams will be scheduled throughout the year. Showcases are a celebration of the student’s practice and hard work and will be held in the Spring. Students are encouraged to invite family and friends for this annual event.


The student and teacher will make an agreement about practice expectations. Practice and lesson preparation are essential for a effective lessons, progression and especially enjoyment in playing the violin. Lesson notes will be emailed to beginners for the first few lessons. Practice cards will be provided each week following and students are expected to record and return the card at the next lesson.