10/2 Update: Harmony and Coming Together

Monday, October 2, 2023 | Update

harmony: group weeks and events
I love, love, love when my students are in the same room playing music together!!! Group classes are like laboratories where kiddos can experiment by playing the tunes they've learned, improvise a riff they've never played before and see what comes out. Byproducts of these classes can range from giggles to powerful harmonic moments.  Group classes are typically divided into cohorts determined by age and playing level. If your student is unable to join their cohort's class, there should be an all-level class/jam session which students can participate. Please note the group weeks in your studio calendar. Here is the schedule for NEXT WEEK's Group Week:

Both classes this month will be open to all levels.  
  • Tues, Oct 10 - Group Class - 5pm - 5:50pm - Jobs in a Jam: What are the rules and roles when when playing together?

  • Wed, Oct 11 - Studio Jam - 3pm - 4:30pm - This session will overlap the first Discovery Class (Beginning-level) so that they can see how our jam sessions work and perhaps play along. 

Both group classes will be at Lakewood Seward Park Community Club (4916 S. Angeline Street, Seattle, WA 98118)

Group Classes typically happen at one of two locations: Lakewood-Seward Park Community Club (4916 S. Angeline Street) or Jazz Night School (5415 Rainier Avenue South Seattle, WA 98118). Check your reminders or studio updates for selected locations. 

As much fun as it is to share the music among ourselves, it's even more gratifying to share the music with our neighbors. Community performances are just as much learning opportunities as private lessons and group classes.  We have a couple dates on the calendar for both November and December 

  • Friday, November 10 @ 10-11am - FullLife care (Beacon Hill facility)

  • Saturday, December 10 (time and location TBD)

Seattle JazzED - Foundations and Connections

Beyond the studio, many of you may not know that I have been working part-time for Seattle JazzED. JazzED is a non-profit music education organization that strives to increase access in the music room.  My studio and JazzED share common values of social and creative play and I am proud to be teaching with along side a team of amazing teaching artists. This year, I am teaching a couple programs that might be a great supplement to private lessons:

  • Foundations - for beginning students (grades 4-8) . If you're just new to your instrument, this weekly SAturday class is a fun entry point into learning to play in a group using fun games and simple jazz melodies. 

  • Connections - for students w/ 1 year or more experience with their instrument (grades 5-8) where students will learn tunes by ear and explore rhythmic and creative concepts.