Spring Studio News

Monday, April 3, 2017 | Uncategorized

Happy Spring, 

It's been a while since my last studio update so I apologize for the lack of communication. Over the past couple of months we've welcomed a couple new students; celebrated St. Paddy's Day with Elephants (jigs) and Alligators (reels); and created dozens of new FiddleQuest videos progressing along this journey. I am so excited about the growth of my students and future of this studio. As we move toward the last few months of the school year, please note the following events and announcements: 

*Saturday Tune-Learning - Saturday, April 8 at 1-3pm at the Collaboratory* 

I originally scheduled this coming weekend (April 8) as a Studio Jam session. I also realize that this is the beginning of the Spring Break week for some families. What I would like to do for those who may be available, is to still meet up at the *Collaboratory* for some music - we'll call it a tune-learning session (though it may end up as a Jam Session). Will be a bit more bare bones but still be some fun fiddlin'! Feel free to come and join, students of all levels welcome.  

*Spring Break - Make-Ups* 

Please note that this year, I am NOT observing a spring break and lessons will continue over the next weeks. If your family will be out of town for Spring Break, please let me know as soon as possible.  Any lessons vacated will be turned into a "make-up" slot that can be scheduled for other students who have make-up credits to use.  I will also add several make-up slots over the next month including Mondays for anyone wanting to use make-up credits.  

*Pizza Jam - Save the Date* 

I still owe a Pizza Party/Jam Session in celebration students for completing the FiddleQuest Fall Challenge. I would like to schedule this Jam for the weekend of May 12/13.  I'll survey the winners and select an agreeable time and venue this week. This jam will be open to the entire studio.   

*Save the Date - * 

*Year-End Showcase and Jam* 

Saturday June 17 at 4pm 

Hillman City Collaboratory