09/24 Update - Two Weeks In

Monday, September 25, 2023 | Update

We're off to a great start of the school year. I really enjoy having students back in the studio and hearing (and seeing) lots of growth and excitement. A reminder, the 1st Group Week will be in a couple weeks: October 9 - 13. I will share more about the schedule and expectations next week.

Violin Discovery Class: For any younger siblings or family friends who have shown interest in learning violin, I am launching a new group class starting in October. It's an longer format version of my Violin Discovery Workshops where we learn basic positions and musical building blocks. This is a great entry-level class for children ages 5-8. Classes will be held on Wednesdays @2:30pm at the Lakewood Seward Park Clubhouse. Feel free to share the website to learn more and register:

Studio Synopsis (part 2): 2nd in a series of this reintroduction of the studio experience and expectations in a more casual and digestible format. 

rhythm: studio communication
There is a rhythm and routine that comes with weekly music lessons especially after the 1st few weeks. An email is helpful when you can predict a change in your schedule. Also, I understand that the unexpected happens (illness, traffic and such). If the unexpected does happen, shoot me a text. We'll work it out. 

I make it a point to communicate on a regular basis through weekly/bi-weekly "Studio Updates" These may provide a recap of a studio event, or a heads-up of upcoming one. Please take a moment to read these making note of any change in schedule particularly during a break or group week. You may have also been invited to my Studio Newsletters. These will serve a more promotional mode of communication announcing any public programming (jams, showcases, and performances) and I ask you remain subscribed as long as you are with the studio.