2017-18 Lesson Rates

Tuition is based on full year enrollment of lessons. In addition to lessons fees, tuition covers venue rentals, basic teaching supplies and materials, as well as state and local taxes.  New students will be required to sign up for FiddleQuest (additional $12.50/mo.) Payment amount is the same each month regardless of number of lesson weeks per month.* Please read studio policy regarding information regarding payment and attendance.

Private Lessons - PRIMARY SESSON (10 MONTHS):

Full Year Plan - 33 weekly lessons (minimum), scheduling priority, up to 3 make-up credits*.

  • 30-minute lesson - $1220 ($122 / month)
  • 45-minute lesson - $1580 ($158 / month)

Custom Plan - non-weekly lessons scheduled through primary session; NO make-up credits; 45-min or 60-min lessons only. Minimum 2 lessons per month.

  • 45-minute lesson - $50 / lesson
  • 60-minute lesson - $60 / lesson 

*Full Plan Lessons beginning mid-month will be prorated at $36 per 30-minute lesson and $52 per 45 minute lesson up to 3 lessons (in a 5-lesson month). **Students joining after December are given a maximum of 2 make-up credits.

Studio Policy

Services Provided

Private individual violin lessons are provided during scheduled time based on the plan selected by the client (parent or adult student).  Additional instruction may also be provided during group lessons, workshops, jam sessions.


Payment retains the student’s time slot and is accepted at the 1st lesson of each month. Invoices will be e-mailed to the primary client (parent or adult student) before the first lesson and 5 days before the 1st of the month.  New clients will be asked to sign an agreement at the beginning of the Primary session agreeing to the Studio Policy, Calendar, Rates.

Payment method, due: Cash or Check due at the 1st lesson of the month. Credit Card or PayPal accepted prior to the 1st lesson of the month. Auto-Pay is available through your online account by adding a credit card.

No Refund Policy: No refunds will be issued for any missed lessons. At the time the Studio Calendar is received it is ideal to make note of any conflict and make arrangements to reschedule those lessons up front. That way catch-up lessons can be saved for any unforeseen conflicts. It is preferred that lesson are rescheduled same week if possible. See attendance policy below.


Schedule: Lesson times are scheduled at the mutual agreement of teacher and client, subject to the availability of open lesson times. Submitting payment will reserve your time slot for the coming month.

Lesson Designations: Lessons are marked and considered as follows:

  • PRESENT - lesson was fulfilled as scheduled
  • ABSENT, MAKE-UP - cancelled by client 12 hours before a scheduled lesson, thus eligible for a make-up credits; If less than 12 hours notice is given, provision of a make-up credit will only be given at the discretion of the teacher and only with an acceptable excuse from the client (e.g. medical emergency or inclement weather)
  • ABSENT, NO MAKE-UP (missed) - lesson cancelled by client less than 12 hours before scheduled lesson; not eligible for make-up credit and lesson will be considered “missed" and billable; scheduled make-up lessons that are cancelled cannot are not eligible for make-up credit.
  • TEACHER ABSENT - cancelled by teacher which will be promptly rescheduled by the teacher.
Cancellations/Reschedules are the responsibility of the client should be made using the Online Studio Calendar. 

Bonus Lesson: if the student has demonstrated excellent attendance by being present to 12 consecutive scheduled lessons, I am happy to offer a maximum of 1 bonus lesson per session for this student during one of the designated "Catch-Up Weeks”  Bonus Lessons may show up as “Make-Up Credit” in the student’s online calendar.

Make-Up Credits: A maximum of three (3) make-up credits will be issued to each student. Student beginning lessons after December will receive two (2) make-up credits. All make-up credits expire at the end of the primary session.

Rescheduled/Catch-Up Lessons: Any lessons to be rescheduled, whether initiated by client or teacher should be done so within the same lesson week. There will be designated "Catch-Up Weeks" where clients can schedule up to make-up lessons during the designated weeks indicated on the studio calendar. Clients are responsible for cancelling and scheduling a their own make-up lesson through the Online Studio Calendar (bjviolin.com/login). The instructor must receive the email lesson request/sign-up at least 24 hours in advance of the proposed lesson.  

Late-arrivals: The time slot of the student’s lesson is fixed, not the duration. If a student late-coming, the lesson is to end at the scheduled time, and at the discretion of the instructor, can be extended if the time is available.

Miscellaneous Policies

Online Calendar/Account: Clients are required to set-up an account to view official studio calendar through MyMusicStaff or visiting http://bjviolin.com/login in order to 1) receive lesson notifications, 2) cancel or make reschedule requests and 3) track lesson/payment history. Please update your contact info with the most current information.  I will implement other lesson tools as needed on a per student basis.

Studio Calendar: (download printable calendar) The annual studio calendar is broken into a two sessions. The Primary Session runs from September - June. It includes up to 35 lesson weeks, 2 catch-up weeks and seasonal/holidays breaks. Consult the calendar if you have any scheduling questions. Note: Some Monday holidays may be lesson days (i.e. MLK Day, Presidents Day) The summer session will offer more scheduling flexibility knowing vacations and excursions are typically planned.

Lesson Protocol: The instructor will provide a separate handout outlining expectations of students and families. Please read through these and pass this information to your young student.

Jams / Showcase: Jams sessions are casual events for the students to come together and share songs.   They are a fun way to learn how to play with others, sharpen musician’s ear, and learn new tunes. Jams will be scheduled throughout the year. Showcases are a celebration of the student’s practice and hard work and will be held in the Spring. Students are encouraged to invite family and friends for this annual event. 

Practice Policy: The student and teacher will make an agreement about practice expectations.  Practice and lesson preparation are essential for a effective lessons, progression and especially enjoyment in playing the violin.  Lesson review will be emailed to beginners for the first few lessons. Practice cards will be provided each week following and students are expected to record and return the card at the next practice.

Termination Policy: Proper notice is appreciated if intending to terminate lessons mid-year. If you fail to do this, you will be financially responsible for the remainder of the month's tuition. If the Studio chooses to terminate lessons, tuition will be prorated up to the last lesson. Note again that refunds will not be issued for missed lessons.

Communication and Contact Information:  Feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns about your or your child's lessons, I can be reached by email at —  info@bjviolin.com will reply to any email request and question within 24 hours and to any phone/text messages within 4 hours. Please limit any phone communication between 8am and 10pm. Send a text to my phone at:  206-317-1078 or call with urgent messages only.