Spring Jam

When: Saturday, March 7th at 1:00pm - 2:30pm
Where: Hillman City Collaboratory
Bring: Your instrument and maybe a tune, light snack or drink to share

The 2nd Studio Jam is upon us. We've got a great group of musicians joining and sharing in the some really fun tunes. We may revisit some of the tunes from last time and of course, we'll do some Boil 'em Cabbage Down. Feel free to think of any new rhythm patterns we can play with it! 

For a little preview of what we'll be playing, here's a peak at the playlist. If you're bringing a guest musician who needs chord sheets for the tunes, you can download one below.

Recap: Inaugural Studio Jam

It's not an easy thing for any beginning student to come into an unfamiliar situation to learn and play new music on the spot.  My students were up to the task and contributed wonderfully to this new experience of the Studio Jam Session.   We tackled every thing from pop to roots music and even included a beautiful rendition of Pachabel's Canon in D.  All in all it was a great success and it's an event I'm looking to put together on a regular basis. 

Here are some audio clips of the tunes that were played:

Fall Jam 2014 - November 15th

Where: Hillman City Collaboratory, 5623 Rainier Ave S, Seattle, WA 9811 
When: 1:00pm - 2:30pm
Cost: $10 per student/musician/family
Bring: Your instrument and maybe a tune to share

This is a wonderful opportunity to bring all my violin students together, get our instruments out and play music WITH each other. We'll have other musicians joining - so it will be like playing with a band!  This is one of my favorite ways to play music that is casual, fun and a great way to learn new tunes.

This jam is for musicians solely so anyone expecting to just listen should be prepared to play (i.e. singing, hand clap, percussion, etc.). Any parents, siblings, or children are welcome to bring their instruments and join us!

I'm asking that each student/musician/family contribute $10 toward the expense of renting out the space.  I can provide some light snacks and drinks.