October Studio News

I hope everyone is adjusting well to the new school year. We've got a great roster of students shaping up with more coming on board in the coming weeks.  If you happen to know other interested in taking lessons, I welcome any referrals and would be happy to pass along a bit of a discount if you help bring in new students. 

Even though I see you on a weekly basis, I want to try and stay connected regarding more general studio topics. You might expect to see an email from me about once a month.


As the fall is in full swing, there is increasing risk of illnesses which can affect your playing and my teaching ability.  Please consider the following the cold and flu season approaches:

  • As a general rule, I ask that you/your student stays home if she is feeling ill. My policy allows for discretion if late notice is given regarding make-ups for medical reasons. 
  • I've not been consistent in the past, but I would ask students and parents who are coming inside the studio space to remove your shoes. I am happy to provide slippers if desired. 
  • For both hygienic and performance reasons, students' fingernails should be trimmed and hands cleaned.  This also help maintain your instrument. I will provide an alcohol free hand sanitizer in the studio.

Lesson Protocol:

Considering the last point, it might be ideal to arrive a couple minutes before your lesson to use the bathroom.  There may be time when your lesson follows another. If I know there are back-to-back lessons, I will usually leave the front door unlocked but have the room door closed. Please let yourself in and wait quietly on the stairs or in the hallway for your lesson. 

I hope you're enjoying the violin and look forward to a fantastic year. Stay tuned for more of these updates, particularly some dates for our Studio Jams which are always fun events!