2015-16 Studio Jams

The school year is in full swing and lessons are well underway.  I have to say that I am very excited about my students particularly my beginning students who are learning their Pre-Cabbage tunes and working on their bow position.  I am also excited to announce a few dates for this years Studio Jams.  

For those unfamiliar, Studio Jams are studio-wide events for students of all levels to come listen, learn and play music WITH each other.  Rock and folk jams, Irish sessions, hootenannies - however it's called - these informal music gatherings are my favorite way of playing and learning new music and meeting friends.  My studio jams are beginner friendly. We'll typically teach a few notes of the tune that they can easily follow and loop.  I'll invite my other musical buddies who play instruments like piano, guitar, bass and drums so you can feel what it's like to play with a band. 

We cover a range of songs from classical, folk even a little rock and motown. The jams will be held again this year at the Hillman City Collaboratory just a few block from my studio.  They typically last 90 minutes.  

So here are the dates, times are TBD:

  • Saturday, November 
  • Saturday, March 5
  • Saturday, June 18 - Year-end Recital/Jam will include a short recital program to celebrate our young students.

Please mark your calendars, they will be added to the online calendar as well.  Note that except for the June date, these are for students and parents only.  The Year-End Jam/Recital on June 18 will be a time you can invite other friends and relatives to celebrate your student's hard work.

I'll send more information about the events as they approach.  I hope you can join us.

Here's a taste of what the Jam is like