Greetings to all!

I want to start by saying thank you to all my students-- past present and even future -- for giving me the opportunity to teach violin to you.  It’s been thoroughly rewarding to work with each of you as you have given me a chance to share my passion and have taught me just as much. I am excited about what is on the horizon for this studio. I had some reflections over the past few months and how that relates to your involvement as student that I want to share. It essentially boils down to a couple of statements that reads:

“My teaching objective is to guide students toward a path of playing violin with confidence and joy.”

The first is my teaching objective that hopefully you have all been able to benefit from. I truly feel that, though there might be some struggles, learning to play can be just as fun.  If there is something in my teaching style or approach that you feel deviates from that statement, I hope that you can approach me with any concerns or feedback.

“My studio objective is to use the violin as a conduit toward building community.”

The second is a studio objective is something that I hope to build upon in the coming months and years to come.  As a member of a great neighborhood (Columbia City) and city that values community, I am looking for ways where the violin can foster community building. Read further for more on this.

With these objectives clear, I am implementing new features and changes for the studio:

First off, I am expanding my online presence through public launch of my studio website, be-instrumental.com, and a new Facebook Page. I will use these outlets to post media related to learning and playing the violin and music appreciation in general. Please visit and share the link with friends and families who would be interested.

Second, in order to provide the student with the best opportunity to progress and gain confidence in playing, I am implementing a new studio policy. The purpose of a studio policy is to be clear about what students should expect from me and what I can expect from students. You will receive the complete studio policy at your next lesson but here are some the highlights:

Note: Except in the area of payment, the policies apply to all students whether you have come to me through TakeLessons or not.

  • Studio Calendar A ten (10) month calendar that begins in September and runs through June which include 34 lesson weeks
  • Monthly Pre-Payment The studio is switching from “pay-per-lesson”. You will have the option to choose from one of two annual plans with monthly payment.
  • Jam Sessions and Recital: Seasonal jam session for all levels and the 1st annual Studio Recital in the Spring!
  • And much more! See the attachment for details.

Stay tuned as there is more to share and there will be more announcements to come in the weeks to come.  For all current and incoming students, I will pass along the complete studio policy, rates, and calendar at your next lessons or via email.  For any former students, you are always welcome to renew your commitment to the violin playing. This looks to be an exciting year and I can’t wait to make beautiful music with you!

All the best,