Help Build Our Musical Family

As part of my studio's objective, I want to use our instruments and the music we make to help build community. Market jams, Christmas caroling, and studio jams are beginning to bear the fruit of this effort. Growing our community of families will go a long way toward this objective. I would love any help you can offer by sharing your experiences as a "violin family" with your social and school networks. As you consider helping, reflect on the following questions: 

  • Have you seen grown as a result of taking violin lessons?
  • Have you noticed increased confidence their in playing or other areas?
  • Has music in your child’s life brought about times of joy for themselves? others? or to you? 
  • What other qualities has your child developed since beginning lessons?

If you are willing I hope you could share the experience of joy and confidence in learning the violin has brought you or your child. Here are some simple ways to start:

Follow, share, and post: #BeInstrumental #PlayViolin

Instagram: @bjviolin - share a photo or clip of a practice, performance


  • “Like” and share the Page
  • Share a post from the BJVS Facebook Page
  • Post a review

Nextdoor: I just added my business to Nextdoor. If you happen to use this website/app, please use the link to recommend me to your neighbors

Flyers: I plan to post flyers around major Columbia City/Hillman City establishments. If there are any community boards where you can post small flyers come by the house and pick up a few copies. I will leave some inside our “Smith Bros.” Milkbox

Referral Discount - "Share-a-month” As a reminder, that with each family that names you as a referrer, you will receive a 50% referral discount toward one full monthly payment (1 student) during the current school year. The new family will also receive a 50% discount off one full monthly payment (1 student)  for their connection to you. 

I will be hosting another Violin Discovery Workshop in the Fall and will send details and opportunities to refer any friends and family to the studio. Stay tuned.

Thank you for choosing to learn about this wonderfully challenging and versatile instrument and your continued support of this studio. I hope you continue to experience the confidence and joy it can bring.

All the best,

BJ Montoya
violinist...teaching and performing

Creative Strings Workshop: Part Two

Creative Strings Workshop: Part Two

Small ensembles offered personal coaching within a supportive cohort.

For much of our day, work was centered around small chamber style ensemble of 5-6 players. Each group was paired with two coaches who brought their unique style and background to our nascent string band. Our morning coach, Micah Tomas offered his expertise and experience as an accomplished jazz pianist. We swung into more fiddle stylings in the afternoon with Andy Reiner. However distant jazz and fiddle genres seemed, I found many common threads.

Creative Strings Workshop: Part One

A Musical Convergence in Central Ohio

The workshop hosted a diverse gathering of 60 string players from all corners of the world with varied musical background from conservatories to fiddle camps. With players from France, Japan, the Dominican Republic, Argentina and beyond, it seemed the strings world converged on small-town Delaware, Ohio for this special week of music making.